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You might be sitting at the back, but you want to be heard, loud and clear. A decent set of drum microphones are not only about increasing your volume, but are great tools for controlling the sound and focus of your kit. For example, in some venues, your bass drum just might not cut through, so you can mic up not so much to increase its volume but to refine its EQ and allow it to find a path through the mix.

We carry a range of complete drum mic sets from major brands such as Shure, Soundsation and Sennheiser, as well as individual dedicated mics. All are specifically designed to capture the ideal frequency range of specific drums, so you can get the most out of their sound. This is extremely useful for recording, where you need the best possible signal range for maximum mixing flexibility.

To complement our range of mics we also carry plenty of mic stands, clips and mounts - and if you want to delve into a complete sound-setup, head over to our Pro-Audio department where you can kit yourself out with all the cables, mixers, PA speakers and monitors that you might need.