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If you're the kind of musician that can't deal with all the input/output/effects-chain kerfuffle, perhaps a multi FX pedal is for you.

These all-in-one units bypass all the faff and provide a variety of different effects to choose from, usually with dedicated control parameters and often with built-in expression controllers too.

Multi FX pedals are also a great way to organise your effects, allowing you to arrange and store them in a sensible order depending on when you need them - perfect for live use. User banks allow you to programme your effects in setlist order and in the sequence you need them for individual songs - something a pedalboard can't easilly do. It's also a breeze to setup and combine effects, so you can call up a multi-layered effect chain with a simple, single stomp.

These multi FX pedals used to be considered jack of all trades, masters of none, but digital tech has advanced so much in recent years that this assumption does not hold. If you want to simplify and streamline your setup - and avoid doing the panicky stomp-box dance to find the right combos of effects - a multi FX pedal is the way forward.