The biggest small business in the industry.

Orange Amps is a company that prides itself on its determination, ingenuity and self-belief. This is a company that has succeeded against the odds by having complete and utter confidence in its products and retaining full control, no matter how large and successful the company has become. 

Orange Amps is still led by the man who started it all - Cliff Cooper. Back in 1968, London’s Old Compton Street was a hub of musicians striving to make a name for themselves, and it was here that Cliff began to create his wares. The sound of popular music was changing and inspired by his creative surroundings, Cliff set about designing a valve amp that would generate the kind of sound the world yearned for.

Cliff wasn't phased when his project failed to receive financial backing from the industry stalwarts - instead, he took ownership of his situation and started a production line to make his amps, his way. And true to his vision, Orange Amps became a huge success.

Unlike its contemporaries, Orange remained true to its analogue roots and although it suffered when digital and solid-state amps became popular, it survived and is as successful as ever thanks to the renaissance of classic analogue tone.

Wembley stocks a great range of Orange guitar and bass amps, from powerhouse combos to ultra-compact yet powerful micro-heads. All built to an amazing standard, and all featuring the signature Orange growl and unmistakable orange look.