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Hybrid acoustic/electronic kits are gaining popularity and although they are worth every penny, we appreciate that they aren't always an affordable option for many musicians. But don't worry - there plenty of other ways for those on a limited budget to explore the electronic world of drums.

Sample and percussion modules present a brilliant way of adding an electronic flavour to your acoustic drum or percussion kit setup. These multi-pad modules allow you to expand your sonic arsenal - thereby increasing your creative potential - while barely taking up any space. They can also be played standalone, and are very useful for small home recording sessions.

These portable modules are easy to use, and their multi-pad configurations and capability to load and edit your own sounds and samples make them insanely versatile. Here at Wembley Music Centre, we offer a wide range of sample and percussion module pads from Roland, Yamaha and Alesis. If any of our sample pads take your fancy, be sure to take a look at our stands, mounts and protective cases and bags to accompany it.