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Roland SPD-SX PRO Sampling Pad

Never before has a sample pad been so comprehensive, intuitive or customisable. 

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Availability: 2 in stock
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The Roland SPD-SX PRO Sampling Pad is a game changer that offers players an extremely versatile, professional set-up contained in a kit-friendly, compact unit. It jumps from where the acclaimed SPD- SX and SPD-SX SE left off but is superior in a multitude of ways; Roland has listened to the feedback from a multitude of professional touring drummers and developed the SPD-SX PRO to meet - and exceed - their expectations.

The SPD-SX PRO is the ultimate sampling pad ideal for the prolific performer. As well as a huge amount of hi-def onboard voices, the pad possesses an array of customisable features - including customisable multi-colour trigger lights - increased connectivity and cross-compatibility, and more versatile functionality. There's an improved large colour display, additional audio outputs, extra trigger inputs, and now hi-hat and FX expression pedal control, as well as 32 GB memory, 48 kHz audio playback and the dedicated SPD-SX PRO App that makes for easier editing. Pad performance has also been optimised - you’ll notice the increased pad sensitivity and minimised crosstalk immediately. 

The SPD-SX PRO has nine durable pads featuring advanced triggering technology; the 6 large pads are super-responsive with optimised sensitivity and the 3 wrap-around shoulder pads include an improved sensor structure for even-sounding hits no matter how your SPD-SX PRO is angled. Crosstalk has been minimised so the accidental - and annoying -  triggering of other pad’s assigned sounds is significantly reduced.

The pads boast some of Roland’s most advanced triggering and sampling tech for the creation of the most state-of-the-art sounds and performance capabilities. Each pad features its own customizable pad-dividing multi-coloured LEDs that make it easier than ever to see and distinguish between them. You can easily assign any vertical or horizontal light to one of ten different preset colours or create and name your own. This allows you to keep your samples organised with easy visual representation, grouping together your different combinations of kicks, snares, backing tracks, and clicks with their own assigned colour. The horizontal pad lights can be set to be on constantly, light up only when a pad is struck… or even flash dynamically to its assigned WAV. 

As the SPD-SX-PRO’s pad LEDs make it easier to see on dark stages, so does its 4.3” backlit colour digital display and backlit function buttons, tabs, and jog-dial. This makes it easy to control no matter how dimly lit your stage is. The LED interface is extremely well-designed and enables rapid selections, edits and adjustments in real-time.

The SPD-SX PRO comes pre-loaded with a staggering 1,550 high-quality sounds and 200 kits (43 erasable preset kits and 157 user kits), and if you need more options, you have access to Roland’s online Cloud sample libraries containing a vast and ever-expanding selection of amazing sounds. You have 32GB of storage to utilise so thankfully each sample can be tagged for easy location and call-up! To put that into context we can understand, 32 GB of internal memory will hold nearly 44 hours of crystal-clear 48 kHz/16-bit stereo audio. Roland has also made loading new samples a breeze; you can load 48/44.1 kHz WAV, AIFF, and MP3 files with varying bit rates, and the SPD-SX PRO will automatically convert them to its native 48 kHz/16-bit audio format. Sheer alchemy.

Sample layers can be created in order to easily produce some interesting and unique sounds. By assigning one sound as the MAIN layer and a different sound to the SUB layer of any pad, you have the power to mix the properties of each sample together to combine different variations. You can alter the volume, pitch, transient attack, and release control for each sound, resulting in a huge amount of exciting possibilities. The SPD-SX PRO’s processors also let you swap to a new kit without cutting off the sound of the existing kit—so you can switch kits and prepare for the next track as the previous track fades out.

An expanded array of trigger inputs provide you with an outstanding amount of playing possibilities. All told, you have the power to play up to nineteen surfaces when you max out all pads, external triggers, and footswitch inputs. These additional inputs allow you to connect a hi-hat controller such as the Roland VH-10 V-Hi-Hat (sold separately) so you can play with open and closed pedal expression, and you can even take it to the next level by adding a snare and kick pad to create a mini drum kit. Alternatively, the inputs can be used for additional trigger pads or perhaps even an expression pedal for real-time effects control as you play. Connect up to eight mono, single-zone triggers or four stereo head and rim triggers. With external dual-trigger inputs, hi-hat, and footswitch inputs, you can let it rip on up to nineteen different playing surfaces.

The PRO possesses a brilliant effects engine that can power four parallel effects assignable to each pad or external trigger input. Mod, distortion, filter effects, delays and reverbs are available, while a Master comp, EQ, and additional effect options can also be applied to the SPD-SX PRO’s final output. Sidechain compression is also included to ensure that kick drums and other punchy sounds never get lost in the mix.An onboard 16-step pad sequencer is another invaluable tool designed to streamline your performance. Each pad within each kit can have between 2 to 16 steps assigned, and then each pad can be assigned in your desired sequence. A brilliant Pad Link function allows you to use one pad to trigger any two different pads or external triggers at the same time. 


  • Nine pads - six large pads and three top-row shoulder pads, each with Roland’s advanced trigger technology
  • High-visibility, horizontal and vertical LEDs with multi-color customization
  • Increased shoulder pad sensitivity
  • Improved crosstalk performance
  • 4.3” colour display for easy navigation and viewing during performance
  • Import 48/44.1 kHz (16-/24-/32-bit) WAV/AIFF files and MP3s (32–320 kbps) with automatic conversion to 48 kHz/16-bit upon loading
  • Stereo main output
  • Four direct mono outputs, balanced for easy mixing on stage
  • Connectivity for up to eight external individual triggers/pads (four stereo triggers or eight mono triggers with Y-cables)
  • Dedicated SPD-SX PRO App for Windows/Mac for easy importing, managing samples, and deep kit editing
  • 32 GB of internal storage for samples, backing tracks, and click tracks
  • Input for hi-hat or footswitch expression control
  • Connect hi-hats, kick, and snare for a ‘mini drum kit’ setup
  • Up to 200 kit patches (43 erasable preset kits and 157 user kits)
  • Over 1550 pre-loaded, high-quality samples and sounds
  • 16-step pad sequencer function
  • Onboard effects engine with up to four effects in parallel, plus side chain with output routing
  • Built-in click/metronome
  • Create in real time by recording performances as WAV files and assigning them to pads
Brand Roland
  • Pads:
  • Built-in pads: 9 (with PAD LED, Vertical LED)
  • * Four external trigger inputs are provided, allowing you to connect up to eight pads with Y cable.
  • Maximum Polyphony: 32 voices (included click voices)


  • Number of Recordable Wave Data: 20,000
  • *Including preload data


  • Internal storage size: 32 GB
  • *Including preload data


  • Sampling from AUDIO IN : 60 minutes per sample
  • Resampling : 10 minutes per sample


  • Data Format: 16-bit linear


  • Sampling Frequency: 48 kHz
  • Import Format: WAV, AIFF, MP3


  • Kits: 200
  • Preload wave: Factory preloaded samples: 1,550 or more


  • Setlist: 32 (32 steps per SET LIST)


  • Kit Effects:
  • Layer Equaliser : each pad (Layer A/B independently)
  • Layer Transient : each pad (Layer A/B independently)
  • Multi-Effects (53 types) : 4 systems
  • Side Chain Compressor : 1 system


  • System Effects:
  • Master Effects (53 types)
  • Master Compressor
  • Master Equaliser


  • Number of USB Audio Record/Playback Channels:
  • Sampling Rate (Original): 48 kHz
  • Sampling Rate (with Sampling rate converter): 96 kHz, 44.1 kHz
  • Record: 8 channels
  • Playback: 12 channels


  • Display: Graphic colour LCD 4.3”


  • Connectors:
  • Power Supply: DC 12V (AC Adaptor)


  • Current Draw: 1,500 mA


  • Accessories:
  • Quick Start
  • Leaflet "Read Me First"
  • AC Adaptor


  • Options (sold separately): 
  • Pads (PD series, PDX series, BT-1)
  • Cymbals (CY series)
  • Hi-Hat (VH-10, VH-11)
  • Kick Triggers (KD series, KT series)
  • Pad Stand (PDS-20, PDS-10)
  • All-Purpose Clamp (APC-33)
  • Acoustic Drum Trigger (RT-30K, RT-30HR, RT-30H)
  • Hi-Hat Pedal(FD-8, FD-9, VH-10, HV-11)
  • Expression Pedal(BOSS EV-30)
  • Pedal Switch(DP-2)
  • Foot Switch (BOSS FS-5U, FS-6, FS-7)
  • Y cable (PCS-31L)
  • USB Flash Memory


  • Width: 360 mm
  • 14-3/16 inches


  • Depth: 330.3 mm
  • 13-1/16 inches


  • Height: 92.9 mm
  • 3-11/16 inches


  • Weight: 3.0 kg
  • 6 lbs 10 oz
  • (excluding AC Adaptor)


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