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The DW story begins in 1972 when DW Founder and President Don Lombardi opened a teaching studio in Santa Monica, California. The name he chose for his studio was Drum Workshop.

Realising that he needed additional income to support the overhead of the studio Don came up with his first product, the height-adjustable trap case seat. (An updated version of which is still available today).

The seat proved to be a hit and soon Don was receiving large orders that being a small two-man operation at the time, he was struggling to fill. In stepped Camco Drum Co., one of Don’s biggest customers for his seat. They offered to sell Don their machining and moulding equipment to allow him to increase production dramatically.

This was the genesis of the DW we know and love today. The new machinery allowed Don to expand on his product line and he made the decision to change DW from a teaching studio into a manufacturing company.

Beginning with the reintroduction of Camco’s nylon strap bass drum pedal Don quickly improved on the design introducing the chain drive system which dramatically improved on the pedal and soon made it incredibly popular. Shortly after the DW 5002 Double Pedal was introduced. This proved to be a game-changer as for the first time drummers could use both feet to increase speed and create new rhythms. DW has continued to innovate in the hardware sector ever since.

While Don was focused on hardware, his employee John Good (Now DW’s Vice President) was out on the road as a drum technician using this experience to learn as much as he could about what does and doesn’t work, then using that new-found knowledge to improve on DW’s products.

While working as a tech, John discovered that each drum has a sweet spot where it sounds its best which lead to DW’s unique Timbre Matching System. Timbre Matching was another game-changer, using this process DW ensured that a kit sounds perfect and coherent across all the drums. Timbre Matching is a process at the heart of DW kits and each kit today is still made with the same care and attention.

It wasn’t long before pro drummers caught on to just how good DW kits are and they were soon manufacturing kits for some of the world’s top drummers. DW has gone from strength to strength ever since.

Here at Wembley Music Centre, we are incredibly proud to be one of the top DW dealers in the world, with the awards to prove it.

We keep a range of DW Kits in stock at all times but if you’re after something a little more personal then we can absolutely make that happen. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and we’ll make sure the kit of your dreams becomes a reality.

From DW’s industry-leading Hardware to their legendary production and custom drum kits make Wembley Music Centre your choice for DW.