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When it comes to adding gain to your guitar sound, there's a huge amount of scope to explore, as evident from the vast amount of overdrive and distortion pedals available. Whether you just need a timid little boost of grit to give your solos some bite, or you’re on the other end of the scale and require the kind of blistering, volcanic, devil-horned, mega-neutron-bomb-style aggression to keep you happy, there's a pedal here that will oblige.

Classic overdrive and heavy distortion pedals have been used prolifically to add varying degrees of grit and attitude to music across a wide range of genres, from blues, to rock, to metal. Overdrive is a more natural-sounding effect, as though your gain is cranked and your amp is pushing hard, all pistons engaged. Distortion takes that effect and pushes it to the extreme, taking a proverbial jackhammer to your signal and breaking it up until it's as dirty as possible. Grr.

The cleverest of sausages amongst you might even consider stacking combinations of overdrive and distortion pedals together to create some truly immense and unique high-gain effects.