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Gibson's vision and commitment to their craft are near to unparalleled, and their instruments have been the inspiration for many musical legends of the past, present, and undoubtedly the future.

Gibson has been in existence since 1902, and when founder Orville Gibson began applying his arch-top mandolin design to guitars, things really began to take off. Over the following half-century, the company's catalogue of impressive and innovative designs and fruitful collaborations with master luthiers yielded amazing guitars that have proven to be classics. 

The seminal Gibson ES (Electric Spanish) in 1935, their legendary partnership with musician Les Paul, the iconic SG, Firebird, Explorer, and of course, the amazing Flying V, all prove that Gibson knows exactly what the market needs and how to shape and define the future of guitars. Let's not forget Gibson’s brilliant acoustic offerings such as the Hummingbird series or J-45. Stunning guitars of unequalled character.

The walls of the guitar department at Wembley Music Centre are lined with some of the most impressive Gibson creations - sometimes it feels more like an art gallery than a music store. Take a look at our range of entry-level Les Paul models such as the Junior, Studio or Tribute and their high-end counterparts, such as the Standard and Modern ranges. Alternatively, perhaps a rocking SG or Flying V might be more to your taste. Either way, the choices are varied but the high standard is consistent.