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Aside from changing heads and tuning, there are many other ways to alter the sound of your drums. Perhaps you have found your perfect tone and pitch but there's just too much sustain, or maybe you want to minimise specific overtones to focus your sound. If so, you need to explore the world of dampening products. 

You can take the springy overtones out of your toms with some Moongel or SlapKlatz gels and use a variety of “O” rings from top brands such as Aquarian, Remo and Evans. Bass drum reso heads can be brought in line by felt strips or by using internal mufflers such as the Evans EQ pad or a Sonitus Kicker. Snare drums can benefit from using a mixture of products to dampen their wild side. The aforementioned O-rings and Moongel will quash certain overtones, or perhaps some of Evans’ Mini-EMAD strips will do the trick. Whichever way you decide to go, we can offer plenty of products for you to experiment with until you find the one that works best for you.

If you are looking to reduce your volume for practice purposes or warming up backstage, consider some drum mutes. Stagg and QT offer complete packs of drum mute pads for different drum kit configurations. Simply place these pads over your drum heads and cymbals and your volume is instantly reduced. Alternatively, if you want near-silent practise, take a look at our selection of mesh drum heads.