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When recording, you are looking to capture every subtle nuance of a vocal performance, and condenser mics can read a high level of intricate detail. They possess delicate, thin diaphragms that vibrate at the slightest amount of pressure, easily picking up on low-volume and high-frequency sound that the naked ear cannot.  This is also why condenser mics tend to be “shock-mounted” - suspended in position on sprung mounts to reduce the chance of any movement that would be picked up by the diaphragm of the mic and interpreted as noise.

That said, some condenser mics are specifically designed for stage use, and their build allows them to offer high-frequency response while being handled. Unlike their simpler, dynamic cousins, condenser mics contain electronic components to output a signal, and so require a power source - normally in the form of a 9v battery - and so tend to be larger and heavier.