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Our extensive range of PA speakers and combo systems is supported by a great selection of mixing desks and consoles created by top brands such as QSC, RCF, Yamaha, Studiomaster and Dynacord. Recording aficionados will appreciate our great audio interfaces and preamps.

This section is also home to our vast selection of vocal and instrument microphones. You’ll find everything from the classic Shure SM58 dynamic vocal mic to Sennheiser’s powerful studio condensers, and even more modern USB desktop mics and performance headsets.

Musicians amongst you will be impressed by our dedicated instrument microphones and wireless systems. Whether you want to capture the vast sonic range of your drums or enable yourself to run the length of the stage with your guitar cable-free, we can equip you with the right set-up.

All of our pro audio accessories can also be found here. Audio, instrument and patch cables, mic and speaker stands, protective cases and covers, headphones pop-shields and a great deal besides are just a few clicks away.