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Choose from a variety of state-of-the-art digital pianos, many of which come with real-feel weighted keyboards, broad polyphonic capability and a range of the finest piano and organ voices on the market, including some of the worlds most exquisite concert grands.  

Beginners to the keyed instrument may be well served by a synthesizer due to their all-round functionality and flexibility. They feature many inspiring sounds and great learning features, making them ideal for those just starting out on their musical journey. At the other end of the synth spectrum, you have some amazing workstations that are designed to promote and facilitate creativity and provide the user with almost limitless functionality. These synth workstations are perfect tools for arrangers and composers.

For producers and songwriters using DAW’s and virtual instruments to create their work, our midi keyboard controllers are just the thing. In a range of sizes from 25 to 88-key and featuring useful USB connectivity, there's a controller here to suit all users whether you are a symphony composer or a minimalist electropop pioneer.

We also carry a variety of keyboard accessories such as amplifiers, stands, power supplies, cases and bags, so you can keep your keyboard well equipped and performance-ready. We’re proud to offer ranges from some of the world's leading keyboard manufacturers, including Yamaha, Roland and Korg. Whatever your requirement, there's a keyboard at Wembley Music Centre well-suited to your needs.