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Guitar amplifiers aren't just about adding power to your guitar signal - they are also about empowering you as a player. An amplifier isn't just about adding volume either. The type of amp you use speaks volumes about your style and the right marriage between your amp and your guitar can elevate your sound and performance to extreme highs.

Whether you seek old-school, traditional purity and simplicity or want to equip yourself with modern, cutting-edge versatility, you’ll find what you are looking for here. Our range of electric guitar amps and heads cover a wide spectrum of variables; its power output, its portability, its modelling options or its target skill level.

Remember that different brands of amplifier each have their own distinct personality. For example, Marshall and Vox are known for their gritty, rocking ‘British’ tones, while Amps from Fender are famous for their exquisite clean and overdriven sounds. Seek out an amp that will best serve your personal playing style.