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The versatility of hi-hat cymbals is owed to their distinction of being controlled by the players' feet via their stand, and so the qualities of that stand have an important effect on performance. 

The closing mechanism of a hi-hat stand is controlled by a pedal, connected to a pull-rod, which is in turn affixed to the top hi-hat cymbal. When pressed, the pedal pulls the top hi-hat cymbal closed against the bottom one, changing the level of pressure between them to produce extreme variations in sound and effect. 

Wembley Music Centre has a good range of hi-hat stands on offer with a design to suit your kit set-up. All of the leading brands are represented, and all styles are catered for. Whether you seek a flat-based vintage-style stand, a double-braced heavy-duty frame or even stands with no legs at all, you’ll find them here. 

Consider the style of music you play when selecting your hi-hat stand. If you are a double-pedal user, perhaps a stand with 2 or even no legs might be useful, or if you want extraordinary position possibilities, check out our cable controlled hi-hat stands.