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For those seeking the inimitable and iconic, we can offer classics such as the Gibson Les Paul or Fender models such as the Stratocaster and Telecaster; tried and tested models that have stood the test of time and earned their well-deserved legendary status. If you seek a guitar with a more modern flavour, perhaps one of our sleek Ibanez axes will tickle your fancy. Either way, our selection of electric guitars will excite and inspire.

Take a browse through our selection of high-end classics and rarities, where you will uncover some gems such as the rocking Gibson SG and Fender’s charismatic Flying V - and if your budget doesn't stretch to these, don't forget that Epiphone and Squier make some fantastic quality endorsed versions of many of those Gibson and Fender classics, as well as some great models of their own conception such as the Sheraton II Pro or the Riviera.

Search through our Guitar Packs for some great bargains. As well as bagging yourself a nice new guitar, these packs also contain amplifiers and accessories, so they are ideal for beginners looking for their first ‘rig’.