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The drummer might supply the horsepower, but it is the bass guitarists task to steer the band. Much of the soul and character of a band is dependent on the sound and style of the bassist, so their choice of bass guitar is as imperative to a bands sound as the singer's voice or the guitarists choice of amp.

Bass guitars have come a long way since their initial conception. What we recognise as the modern electric bass guitar came about from convenience, rather than necessity. Upright basses were difficult to haul about and mic-up, so the electric bass guitar was fashioned as a portable alternative that would also allow guitarists to record bass parts and eventually, begin to supersede the upright bass (and unfortunately upright bassists) at live performances.

At Wembley Music Centre, bass guitarists can choose from an eclectic variety of basses to suit their style, from different tonewoods, pickup configurations, scale, number of strings, finishes and shapes. We carry expertly-made bass guitars from the best in the business. Classic Fender designs such as the J and P Bass, Gibson and Epiphone’s Thunderbird models, Yamaha’s modern TRBX series and many more are all available here. Get your groove on and get browsing.