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Drum heads come in a wide variety of styles in order to make significant changes to the sound of your drums. Great technological advances have been made over recent years that have resulted in a huge leap in drumhead sound quality, durability and tuning consistency. 

At Wembley Music Centre, you are sure to find the right drum heads to suit your tastes. From old-school style single-ply clear heads that produce a highly-resonant ringing sound, to double-ply, Eq’d, coated heads that produce a focused, dry attack, we’ve got them all. We stock full ranges of Remo, Evans, DW, Aquarian and Attack heads, as well as ranges of specialist heads such as silent mesh heads for electronic kits and silent practice.

For custom printed bass drum heads, check out the Evans Inked gift card. Redeemable at the Evans ‘Inked by’ site, this card allows you to design/upload your own art which will then be printed on to your very own, brand new bass drum head.