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The seat of power. The chrome throne. The beat-seat. The rump-rest. Whatever you want to call it, it's an oft-underappreciated part of a kit. After all, it's just a stool, right? Wrong. The type of throne you use has a decided impact on your posture, comfort and position in relation to your kit, which in turn, has an effect on your performance and style.

We have a wide selection of different thrones available to choose from, from top brands such as Gibraltar, Pearl, Yamaha, DW, Roc’n’Soc, Mapex, and Tama. Each has a unique selling point, such as its height range, seat shape or depth of cushioning. Some come with air-lift suspension and some with backrests. Whichever suits you best, we’ve got you covered.

When considering the height range of your throne, remember that the ‘ideal’ is to have your knee, thigh and hip in a level line when at its highest position of your leg motion. Start here and you’ll be in good shape.